Traffic + heavy rain 😔

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Sometimes i look around
The people in my class
And watch as their lips
Casually stretch into smiles
Revealing their pearl whites
Obvious happiness in their eyes

And then it hits me
And I start to wonder
How they would handle
A day of my life
How could they possibly bear
The constant screeching howls
Of the monsters
Living in the darkest corners of my mind

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aw thanks :)

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She’s the girl who wanders around
With dull eyes and dead flowers in her soul
She’s the girl whose bones are fragile
And is one touch from caving in
She’s the girl who listens to sad songs
And writes sad poetries cause somehow
The loneliness is comforting

But she’s the same girl who walks
With her head held high
And with smile too wide
She’s the same girl who sings along
To loud music in the car
And laughs too hard at the right jokes

She’s a human being.
She does not make sense

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Set over the course of one school year, this is the story of two star-crossed sixteen-year-olds— smart enough to know that first love almost never lasts, but brave and desperate enough to try.

I’ve finished reading this book two weeks ago and i LOVED it. No, love isn’t strong enough.. I ADORED the book. Still not quite the right word.. What about THIS BOOK IMMEDIATELY MADE IT TO MY LIST OF ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOKS. I mean what could even get any cuter than two perfectly imperfect teenagers falling in love in a bus listening to 80’s music and reading comic books? It’s also a major plus that the characters seemed very real. Eleanor doesn’t necessarily fit the skinny, barbie doll category. She’s a big, redhead with weird sense of fashion. Park isn’t your typical cute-6ft-blue-eyed guy protagonist either. He’s some skinny, punk Asian kid. Both of them are misfits. Both of them are flawed but they are perfect for each other. (Or should i say that park is perfect for ME *ehem* like seriously, fuck augustus waters. I NEED A PARK SHERIDAN)

Eleanor and Park is a very cute novel but not overly sweet. Just enough colorful sprinkles on top of a delicious cupcake.

Just a friendly reminder

Not all teenagers are love sick and only have dramas about which dress fits them best, their boyfriends breaking up with them, their crushes not knowing they exist. Some of us do have real problems. Some of us lose parents to cancer, starve our selves to death, cut our wrists to shred. Some of us deal with anxiety, eating disorders, drugs, parents on drugs, divorce, broken families.

Teenage life is NOT some rosey disney film. Its dramas aren’t all about popularity and boyfriends. More often than not, REAL life happens when you’re a teen.

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I’m going to be inactive for i-don’t-know-how-long and i know for sure that i’m going to lose ALOT of followers. I don’t really expect you guys to stay so yea, bye 💋😉

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Last trip before school officially starts 😐

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Before You Exit // 051814

  • A week later, but the memories are still fresh as if it all happened just yesterday.
  • I was gonna go to the concert but my friend backed out and as usual, my parents didn’t allow me to go alone. So there I was, settling for the meet and greet.
  • I may have missed the concert but at least I got to meet them altho it would have been MORE than worth it if we had been given the chance to take selfies with the boys.
  • We stood in line for six hours. We even skipped lunch. We have been told to be there early and we made it even before the mall’s opening time.
  • There were tons of people around, all confused as to which the line starts. Due to confusion, a lot (including me) missed their chance to personally meet the boys face to face. It was devastating, seeing the first 350 girls line up and get to the stage, each of them getting hugs and kisses from the boys. :(
  • Looking on the brighter side of things tho, the boys said they’ll probably be back here in the Phil for the third time yay. Til we meet again, toby mcdonough! 💋
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All pain and still no gain
Six word story

Swingsets and shoe laces

Little feet dashing across the playground
Sprinting towards the swingset
The lace of her right shoe came untied
Kneeling down in front of her
He took the two ends of the lace
And tied them together

It was the blissful time of summer
Both seated on a swingset lazily swung
Messy hair and lipstick smears all over his face
He noticed her untied shoe lace
Kneeling down in front of her
He took the two ends of the lace
And tied them together

Gathered under the full moon and stars
It was in the very same playground
Where they had both silently realized
That it was coming to an end
“We are like a swingset.
Swinging back and forth.
Always the opposite direction.”,
She said with tears streaming down her face
Before running away
Almost tripping over her untied shoe lace

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Yes nakita ko online. Dun na talaga sila matutulog grabeeee :(

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TRUE! I mean have u seen the unbelievably long line in MOA atm. :( wala ng pagasa :((((

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I feel like crying out of frustration tonight as if I hadn’t been crying myself to sleep last night. Do you know how it feels like to be waiting for someone or something for so long and now that the opportunity has arrived, you just couldn’t seem to grab it?

Anyways, I’m talking about none other than ONE DIRECTION. Yes, you heard me right.. It’s 1d. They’re finally going to the Philippines and selling of tickets starts tomorrow. Actually, I have the money that I need and I’m going to try to buy tickets tomorrow. The only problem is that 1d tickets sell out in just a couple of hours— maybe even minutes idk. Wish me luck :(

PS. Maybe you feel like rolling your eyes on me right now cuz “1d is gay blah blah blah” but you can roll your eyes all you want roll your eyes a thousand times til your eyeballs pop out of their sockets and I still wouldn’t care what you think.

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Don’t climb mountains
Swim oceans
And walk thousand miles
For someone
Whose only destination
Is your bed

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flower/s sprouting




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Hi, i hope you have a day as lovely as you are and if you ever need someone to talk to you can message me anytime on any day cuz ily okbye